August 22, 2012


Oh and don't forget, please help control the pet population.
Have your pets (and husbands) spayed or neutered.
Okay, kids. Today we're going to play a little game. It's called, VAYA, QUE CRISIS! Now let's say it together in our best Castillian accents, /buy-ya-kay-crease-ease/.  Very good.

The rules are simple, there are none. Just look at the picture carefully and try to figure out what's missing. I'm not hiding anything, what you see is what I got so put your thinking caps on. Post your answers in the comments section and I'll follow up in a couple of days with the answer and explanation provided to me.

Ready?  Here we go...

Lunch:  baked fish (cod?), sauteed green beans & mushrooms, bread, sal morejo &
for dessert (drumroll) sliced apples.  Red & white packet is salt.


  1. If the fish was called 'bacalao, then it was cod.
    Fish = protein
    beans = greens/vegetables,
    apple = fruit,
    salmorejo = garlic and tomato soup (more fruit),
    bread = carbs (and can't have a Spanish meal without some)

    That's your five a day! What more do you want? I'm surprised that you would need any more salt as the Spanish tend to sprinkle it liberally on everything before they give it to you (even in hospital).

  2. buy-ya-kay-crease-ease

    Hmmm, Spanish with a pronounced American accent.

    Buy-yah ke cree-siss

  3. You nailed the menu, Anonymous, right down to the bacalao. Congratulations! The salt was actually a blessing as the hospital food was surprisingly 'soso'/bland. What was missing however was the beverage. I found this troublesome since I was on pretty strict bedrest. And trying to avoid preterm labor, hydration was key. I would later learn that it is customary for a family member to stay bedside 24/7 when one is admitted. I had no wingman for this stint as the hubs was back in the pueblo with the circus clowns so I made nice with a few orderlies and got enough water to get by. Still, it strikes me funny that such a beautifully balanced meal came with no water. You know what they say about hindsight...

    I'll defer any and all phonetic lessons to you. Thanks for the correction!