October 1, 2011


I have no idea but for whatever reason, I've been off by a day all week long.  Monday was actually Sunday.  Tuesday was Wednseday.  Wednesday was Tuesday.  And by week's end I was ready to commit myself.  That is, if the rest of the pueblo didn't commit me first.  This is a Three Act Drama so be patient.

ACT 1:  Set in the middle of Calle de los angeles in front of Mohammed, the lone Morrocan guy's, discount shop.  Keke (track coach and sometimes firefighter) rolls up to Village Idiot (played by me).

Keke:  Hey!  How's it going?  We've missed you at RunClub this past week, everything alright?
Village Idiot:  We're hanging in there.  We've had a house full of sick kids.  Nothing major, just a nasty cold but it's knocked everyone out.  That, and then there's the car.
Keke:  The car?
Village Idiot:  Well, our car has finally arrived at the port but now it's a matter of how long it will be tied up in customs.  Joe will likely be heading to Valencia early next week to pick it up.
Keke:  That's great, isn't it?
Village Idiot:  Well yeah, except it means I'll probably have to miss one or two more practices. 
Keke:  Oh, don't worry about it.  You know where to find us.  We'll look forward to seeing you towards the end of the week.  Are you running today?
Village Idiot:  (Thinking he's referring to the race in Sevilla that actually occurred the night before)  Me?  Oh no.  I can't, no car.  Remember?
Keke:  (Looking quizzically) Uh, yeah.  Right, no car.  Well, we'll see you later in the week.  Take care...
Village Idiot:  You too. Oh and have a great time (referring to last night's race in Sevilla)!

ACT II:  Set about 200 meters down the block from the encounter with Keke.  Fellow teammate, Miguel, and his family drive by, honk and wave to Village Idiot.

Village Idiot:  Hey (waving spastically)!  You guys heading out now?
Teammate: (smiles) Yeah.  We're on our way.
Village Idiot:  Well have a fantastic time!  Good luck!
Teammate: (pauses, smile fades) Uh, yeah.  Okay. 
Village Idiot: It's gonna be great, you'll see!  Take lots of pictures for me, okay?   Bye!!
Teammate:  (nods and waves) Adios...

ACT III:  Set at the Village Idiot's house later that afternoon.  Paqui drops by for a quick visit.

Village Idiot:  So what time are you heading out?
Paqui:  Heading out?  For where?
Village Idiot:  For Sevilla.
Paqui:  Sevilla? 
Village Idiot:  The race, silly.  Aren't you running tonight?
Paqui:  You mean 'ran'.  The race was last night.
Village Idiot:  But I just saw Keke and Miguel heading out of town.  We just talked about it.
Paqui:  Well, I don't know what you talked about but I'm telling you that the race was last night.  I was there, trust me.  And so were they.  I rode in Miguel's car for crying out loud.
Village Idiot:  Then where were they going if it wasn't the race?
Paqui:  Someone died, a mutual friend I think.  They were on their way to the funeral.

Close curtain.


  1. Does the topic has to do with your education or is it mostly about your leisure and free time?

  2. If you're referring to the blog, it started out as a vent for raising two kiddos with a chronic and life threatening disease, cystic fibrosis. Over time it has become a journal of sorts for our family's expat adventures. So I guess to answer your question, it's more about leisure/free time if there is such a thing when raising four kids :-)