January 4, 2012


I'm realizing that we haven't really gone out of my way to create any new traditions for our family.  I'm not even talking about exciting ones.  Year in, year out it's always the same.  Predictable about sums it up.  Sure there are the birthday cakes and overly decorated Christmas cookies; traditions carried out year after year without so much as a second thought and which, come to think of it, are pretty much no brainers.  I mean it's not like I can hide behind my pocket bible and lay claim to a secret Jehovah's Witness brotherhood for backup.   It's all been pre-programmed to happen automatically as if without even a second thought, a heartbeat away from instinct.  Well, all except those pesky little things like anniversaries, which if you read my last post and are still following, you're scratching your head wondering how I'm not in jail for that attemted homicide.  But back to my point:  traditions, or rather lackthereof.  What's a gal to do?  Here I am, a pilgrim (okay, not really but well, maybe just a little bit Mayflower) in a new land, I need to get my act together and figure this out fast so my kids don't end up having to dig their way out of the identity chasm we've created for them; credit card in one hand and botijo in the other. 

January 1, 2012 a new trail was blazed, albeit almost by mistake.  On a quest to tire the kids out for siesta, we took them up into the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Hornachuelos and started climbing.  Not an easy feat when you're schlepping a toddler hipside but I managed.  The views were stellar and the fresh air and sunshine did wonders for us all, though mainly me.  I was finally able to let go of the grudge-turned-grief for the anniversary that never was and leave it atop the rosemary peppered ridge.   What better way to ring in a brand new year than ascending paradise and tossing your baggage cliffside?  So I'm resolving to make a hike like this every New Year's Day; a family tradition to set each year off with a clear and better view from the day/year before. 

What new traditions have you brought to your family?


  1. That's a nice one! I don't know if our traditions can be considered exciting, but they work for us. We do a special dinner on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. And we have pizza and movie night every Friday. But nothing out of the ordinary. Our kids did start a homework burning tradition to celebrate the end of the school year, but we had to cancel that because of it being a fire hazard.

  2. Missing your blogs. Just saying they always make me laugh. Hope all is well with all of you.