December 29, 2011


I didn't have high hopes for this year's anniversary.  It's kind of hard to when there's no prayer of a babysitter and your anniversary happens to fall between two of the biggest holidays of the year.  Nope, no 'high hopes' at all which is a good thing since my better other half seems to have completely blown the damned thing off. 

Oh wait, do I sound bitter?
Do I have a tone?
Edgy perhaps?
Snarky even?

Try fucking pissed.  Yeah, try that one.

No, it wasn't our Silver or Golden Anniversary.  What's the traditional gift for ten years of putting up with loving each other?  Really?  A sink full of dirty dishes, a filthy bathroom and a sack full of rotting trash to take out?  Wow.  I had no idea.  And to think of the money I could've saved at the new Outdoor Sportsman shop that just went up in the pueblo...

I could've dropped a hint, a gentle reminder.  Yeah, I could'a done that.  Oh no, wait a minute.  I DID.  Like three times this week.  So when night falls and there's not even a congratulatory sticky note on the fridge to say Babe, we made it!  Thanks...

...for the three kids you birthed
...for sticking out a rough couple of years financially
...for being there to say goodbye to loved ones
...for the last TEN YEARS worth of foul smelling laundry that has been cleaned, folded and put away

You can bet your sweet ass that I'm pissed.  And for the record, it makes no difference in the world to me whether or not Madrid won or not.  Red card for you, Mr. Picklepits. 



  1. My anniversary is today, so I know what you mean about two major holidays putting dampers on things. We have sick kids and I am sick so we didnt get to do anything either.

  2. Hope he makes it up to you ten fold. :)

  3. You deserved this rant! I agree...definitely a red card for him! Next time he wants to get busy you need to bury yourself in Words with Friends and tell him to get lost.

  4. Well, Mr. Spanish dude, your gift will be ten years of laundry. Enjoy! (I hope you took his visa, left him with the kids and went for a little retail therapy for yourself.)

  5. Oh, that's bad, very bad! I hope he read that and at least tried to make up for it. Otherwise, go with Stacey and notsospanish's advice.