February 3, 2011


A quick Internet search and I'm told that Jennifer Anniston and Victoria Beckham follow its practice.  And seeing that the Lunar New Year is now upon us, I must concur:  feng shui is the way to go.  If it's good enough for Jen and Vicky, then why not me?  Not even three clicks away and I discovered that feng shui can even help you sell your home.  Really?  Buddha at my front door will bring in bids at or above market value?  Well, sign me up!  I scrolled through the article like a heroine addict digging for a metal spoon.  My eyes, frantically searching for the 1-2-3 on how to unload this house; a house which we love dearly but a house that has been loved a little too much if you know what I mean. 

We're now a month behind schedule in our attempt at readying the house to put on the market for a spring sale and I've accomplished little more than fine tuning my drinking habit.  Where has the time gone?  How did Labor Day turn into Valentine's Day?  It's a sad day when the 25lb bags of mortar lined up in the foyer get vacuumed and repositioned so as to look tidy in the construction zone that is our life right now. The to-do list isn't so much long as it is time consuming, falling predominantly upon Joe's (hulky yet strained) shoulders as he manages the business that is his Blackberry and the butt wiping of our kids simultaneously.

  1. finish tile projects in kitchen, foyer, bathroom, laundry & dining room
  2. replace carpet in master bedroom and great room
  3. replace kitchen counter tops 
  4. declutter and start packing up non essentials (non-essentials?!?)
Aaaah yes, decluttering.  Have you ever tried to declutter a house decorated by Fisher Price?  What does Mr. Buddha say about that?  I'm also still highly suspicious of Lola's ever growing pile of dolls.  Could it be that they're fornicating at night as we sleep?  I wake up each morning to a dozen more of them; each one mocking me with its painted on grin and come hither stare.  Indeed it will be a miracle if and when this house is ever ready to meet a realtor. {sigh}

I love you feng shui.
I mean, I think I love you.

How well the house is able to maintain and nourish good energy is much determined by what is happening in the main entryway. What do you see as soon as you come into the house? Assuming you do not see the back door right away, what else is there that would be a potential bad feng shui set-up?

Yet the real question remains...

Do you love ME?


  1. Fun post! Love reading your blog. Hey, not sure if you have a realtor, but Julie Baudler is an awesome realtor!!! She is in the top 15 of her company and moves/sell houses quickly...which is a talent in this market. Give her a call if you need one. 689-7370 cell Lynn Rhein

    PS. I have some boxes if you would like them.

  2. FREE moving boxes?
    Lord help me if this is a set up for some kind of government sting...
    Anonymous posters make me nervous but I'll take 'em.


  3. Everyone should have a toilet in their hallway. That's not only good feng shui (I think?), but it streamlines the whole operation. Put that puppy on the market, me thinks! :-)

    In all seriousness, the show-ready house, the sale, and the move will come. Sending you peaceful and positive vibes, my friend.

  4. Hey Pickle! Come on down to southern Spain! I need a new friend who likes to exercise and can help me with my guiri accent. We can swap lies about Spanish husbands. How the heck did you convince yours to live in a snowy climate? So glad I discovered your blog. Thanks for commenting.