July 11, 2011


A liar I am not.  As I pulled out of our neighorhood this one last time, a wave of nausea washed over me. 

This is it.
We’re really doing it.
No turning back now.

Joe had stayed behind to finish loading the moving truck.  It was me, the kids, the not so friendly voice of the GPS and a just-in-case road atlas tucked between the passenger seat and the console.  We wouldn’t be seeing him until we hit Charleston a week or more later.  What in the hell had I been thinking?  Me?  Little ole’ ME solely responsible for getting us from Iowa to South Carolina in one piece? 

And did I mention that I was embarking on this deathwish with no cell phone?  Another moment of sheer genius on my part, yes.

That was a snapshot of us, Charlie, Lola, Henry and me on July 1, 2011.  The first leg of the trip would take us to Cincinnati to my dad's house, his perfectly manicured lawn rolled out for us like a red carpet.  The drive was surprisingly uneventful, almost easy, if you don’t count the bicycle rack falling off of the back of the minivan at 70mph.

 “Hey, Mama.”

“Yeah, buddy?  What’s up?  Doin’ okay?”


“Whatcha’ need?”

“Uhm…nothin’.  But why are the bikes hangin’ down like that?”

But everybody needs a good roadtrip story, don’t they?  We stayed in Cininnati the better part of a week – just long enough to wipe out completely my dad and his wife – before we got back in the car and attempted the final leg of the trip to reunite with Joe and Luna.

We said adios to Des Moines nearly two weeks ago and though it’s been exciting, I gotta be honest when I say that there’s a part of me that’s scared shitless.  I feel something like a refugee right now; no home to call my own, just drifting along looking for a soft spot to land.  We’ve got a little more than a week left Stateside before we make this giant leap.  And this is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life, well if you don’t count that time I eloped or that time I shaved my head or that time stayed the night alone in a brothel…

So there’s been a few defining moments as we’ll call them.  The point is, without any of those moments I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Life is meant to be lived.  You’ll never know how great the water is until you throw yourself in, even if it is headfirst.  So go on now, get your butt off the internet and go do something you’ve never, ever done before. 

Go ahead, I dare you.





  1. Love this post. I saw a card once, perfect for you and your adventure, "Life ddoesn't begins outside your comfort zone". Enjoy Life!! Live Life! BREATHE life.

  2. UGH!! Life begins outside your comfort zone". Sorry...lol

  3. Well, could you quit pussyfooting around and get over here because I'm ready to jump the pond already. :) Love the pics of the kids at the beach! So so cute. Now sand them off and jump on a plane already. Well, get Joe first. Then get on the plane. :)

  4. Love this post Kelly... we are so missing you here on da court as it seems like a ghost town without you guys or the Creightons. Praying you have safe travels to Spain .... cannot wait to continue to hear all the goodness that goes with it =)
    Miss you!

  5. So unbelievably in awe of you Kelly! You are embarking on something wild and crazy and liberating and free! Most of us only talk of our 'dreams' but you are actually making yours come true. PLEASE keep us posted on your journey. I absolutely love your writing and selfishly the smiles it brings me! Good luck! You have so many people behind you! Mucho hugs! Julie

  6. Hope the adventure is going well, and I hope you won't be so busy living that you won't do an update on occasion. I'll be waiting to hear about your landing in Spain. Good luck...and much fun!

  7. I also love this post and that picture just makes everything seem right.
    What an adventure you have begun and I can't wait to hear more however just enjoy living for a change.

    You guys deserve it :)

    You'll actually be nearer to us when you get to Spain, I think? I suck at geography ;)

    Have fun and enjoy everything.