May 4, 2010

Dear Son,

I've dreamed many things for you; college, the first real job, moving out, why did yesterday throw me for such a loop?   One minute you were cruising down the sidewalk at lightning speed on a borrowed Big Wheel and the next you were sailing by on a bike.

A bike without training wheels.

Um, excuse me but when did you learn to do this?  You did not ask for my permission to reach this milestone.  Weren't you supposed to fight gravity for a week or two?  Wasn't Papa supposed to be worn ragged as he followed you up and down the block, his hand glued to the back of the seat?  Where are your skinned knees?  Your bloody knuckles?  What's next?  Writing your name?  Reading a book?  Tying your shoe? How dare you grow up on me!

Time is passing too quickly.  I go to sleep on Monday and wake up to Friday. Spring turns to fall before I've had a chance to even smell the first perfect blooms from the flowering pear tree out back.  And you, you are growing up at rocket speed, racing away from me to do those Big Kid Things that are now just fond memories of my own youth.  I watch, no,  I study you.  Is it possible to trick a lingering moment and trap it into a memory? 
Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother, so says the Arab proverb.  And you are no exception, my son.  No matter how far you ride away from me, you will always be to me my little Boy Wonder. 


  1. D-I-T-T-O. It breaks my heart to think of how quickly Matthew's growing. Especially on the days where he gets on my nerves, when he's only being interested in everything the world has to offer, and I feel there's no time to slow down to acknowledge it all. Selfish mommy syndrome on my behalf for sure. -- something I've definitely been trying hard to work on...

  2. Every time I read your stories, you remind me of my mother. THAT IS A GREAT THING BECAUSE I ADORE MY MOTHER.

    Take heed in the fact that your Boy Wonder is doing exactly what he was meant to do. Grow up and be...well...wonderful.

    Great job, Mom. Your family is very lucky to have a woman that loves them enough to let them grow beyond her. We always come back. I promise.

  3. Nice! So proud of him...and of you! Beautifully worded.