May 24, 2010

A Baracuda's Fight

I've never been one to test the waters with a big toe first.  No, not me.  I just plunge in, usually head first too.  Impulsive, yeah that's the word for it.  Impulsive.  Yeah, that's me.

And that's what happened last week.  I was in such a state.  A state of frenzy.  A state of panic.  A state of desperation.  Such a state that I didn't think it through.  No proofreading.  No editing.  Nope, not last week.  I just threw it up there front and center.  The chipin link to Conner's Fund was a hot potato in my hand.   I had to pass it off FAST and so I copiedcutpastedandposted as fast as I could get my little mouse to click.  I impressed myself with my technological skills, I really did.  But in reflection, I'm thinking my haste hindered more than it helped.

I gave you a bun with no burger.  No meat.  Where's the beef, Kelly?  Huh??

What I should have done I'm doing now.  As I have the tendency to get long winded, I've got to keep this to a soundbite.  And here it is:

My friend needs help.  Now.

She has been waiting for seven years for a cure.  But it hasn't come.
She has searched everywhere for alternatives.  But she has not found one that worked.
She has turned her back on death.  But it has found her little boy.

My friend's little boy, her Boy Wonder, is dying.  Conner is dying.  The doctors have given up.  But my friend has not.  She is fighting like a baracuda.  Fighting with every ounce of her being.  She is a ferocious lioness thrashing about to save her cub. 

But he is still dying.

I feel desperation.  I feel grief.  I feel so incredibly helpless.  As a mother I cannot even imagine waking up to her nightmare.  As a CF mom, I know the possibility looms. 

So before my soundbite ends, I implore upon you to jump in.  Jump in with both feet.  Make a huge splash - much like that of this baracuda of a momma.  Make a donation to Conner's account.  All monies collected are going towards his funeral expenses.  Yes, you heard me.  Somewhere way out west, on top of the USA, a mother is guiding her baby to the heavens.  She has written about this journey, this nightmare, on her blog.  Go, see for yourselves.  It's real.  She's real.  Conner's real.  And then pass this along.  Email it, Facebook it, talk about it...but reach out to another so the word will spread.

Because they need our help.  Sarah and her family need our support, our compassion, our prayers.  Now.

Whether it's 5, 10, or 50 bucks it would help immensely.  Please, please, whatever you can do, do. 

And then pray.  Again.


1 comment:

  1. K-

    That's more like it!

    Sarahy, Connor and their family have my thoughts, prayers and my donation shortly...and hopefully by the end of the night, my written word...

    You're not only impulsive, you're passionate! Love it!